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Woodley Aerodrome Remains

Today not much remains of Woodley Aerodrome except several Air Raid Shelters scattered around the place, a Battle HQ with no possible access, there are rumors it is said to be the only converted Air Raid Shelter into a Battle HQ, its situated on Hurricane Way tucked away in the corner hidden under the grass.

Also there is Pillbox still standing till this day with the original metal door, It seemed it was used as a bat roost up until recently.

Just a few roads away was the site of the Former Miles Aircraft Factory which was founded in the 1930s by Charles Powis and Jack Phillips.

From 1932 the company was based on Woodley Aerodrome on Headley Road East.

There was many innovative aircraft built in Woodley such as the racing aircraft and the training aircraft used in the Second World War.

In 1947 things started to get seriously financially awry which brought Miles Aircraft Factory to close.

Later on other businesses started occupying the Former Aircraft Factory Buildings including Arlington which is now based at the main art deco office building on Headley Road East.

Hawkhurst House & the rest of the Aircraft Factory buildings was sadly demolished recently.

Its crazy to think all them years ago Woodley Aerodrome played a big part in the Second World War in Reading Berkshire.

The Air Raid Shelters would have been packed by locals living in the area when the air raid sirens go on.


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