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RAF Henley On Thames

Updated: Jul 5

Seeing as it was a clear night i decided its time to cycle out to the UFO Bunker in Crazies Hill, Henley.

Going down country lanes in the pitch black and not hearing or seeing any cars about just animals.

As i arrived there i noticed something new they have turned it into a sheep field, but that didnt stop me i decided to climb over the 2ft fence and photograph it,not much has changed since my visit three years ago.

as i was light painted it i had company sheep and lambs they kept coming up to me while i was trying to do light painting but that didnt bother me, as i looked up at the sky you could see the milky way the sky was very clear!

Even saw shooting stars!

The only remaining defence structure is this cantilever pillbox. It is a great change from the normal type 22 pillbox and quite an interesting building in itself.

Further down the fields there are also several original buildings standing.


RAF Henley-on-Thames is a former Royal Air Force grass-strip airfield in Berkshire, England, located near Henley-on-Thames. It was also known by a variety of other names: Cockpole Green, Upper Culham Farm, Crazies Hill, or Crazies Hill Farm.

The site was used to assemble and test Supermarine Spitfires (produced locally by dispersed manufacturers in the Reading area), and as a Relief Landing Ground for RAF White Waltham and RAF Woodley. It was built in late 1939 and closed in October 1945. In 1944 No.529 Squadron moved to RAF Henley-on-Thames from RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. This squadron was initially equipped with autogyros but in the spring of 1945 they took delivery of the new American Sikorsky R-4 helicopter (known as the 'Hoverfly' in British service), RAF Henley-on-Thames becoming the first RAF air base to host an operational helicopter squadron.


Callum Cromwell - Reading - United Kingdom - Callums Night Photography

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