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About me

My name’s Callum Cromwell and I’m an urban explorer and night photographer based in Reading, Berkshire. Born in 2000, I’ve seen a lot of changes in my hometown. I love its history and hidden corners and I’m passionate about capturing views that very few people get to see, especially when I know what I’m photographing could soon change forever. I started exploring when I was 15. At 16 I got my first camera and started documenting derelict buildings, venturing across the rooftops and underground and finding intriguing places to photograph in the surrounding area. Photographing even familiar places at night shows them in a different light. I enjoy experimenting with light painting and long exposures to create different effects – capturing what’s in front of me but with an extra dimension, all of my photos are pure with sometimes a dab of editing, I hope you will enjoy the photos, experiences and history I share on this site. If you would like to order prints of any of my images or to discuss a possible commission, please get in touch [].

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